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About Martin

Martin Silliton qualified as an acupuncturist at the Chung San School of acupuncture in 1988. He went on to study Chinese herbal medicine at the London Academy of Oriental Medicine under the eminent Tinh Thong Nguyen, a third generation Chinese herbalist, qualifying in 1994.

Martin, like all members of the Register, undergoes continuous training and has completed advanced training in the treatment of ear, nose and throat; acne; arthritis; eczema; psoriasis; irritable bowel syndrome; migraine; endometriosis; infertility; hayfever; hepatitis and cancer.

Martin also benefits from experience working as a massage therapist. He uses his expertise in this area to specialise in back and neck pain. If you have back or neck pain, why not phone Martin and see what he can do for you? Read some of the testimonials and then phone Martin on the number on the right.

Martin Silliton

Professional Acupuncturist and Chinese Herbal Medicine Practionier. Over twenty years experience. Professionally qualified.

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